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To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. Please note that once you submit an application, the system will not allow you to modify it in any way. If you upload new documents after submitting an application, the school district will not be alerted to your new documents so please make sure your application is complete before submitting.

Please remember your username and password for use on future applications.

All required fields of the application must be completed; this includes uploading a resume and cover letter. Missing information or documents will result in an incomplete application.

For help accessing your TalentEd account (username, password, etc.) or for help submitting an application, please visit the interactive support portal at PowerSchool Assistant. Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions, and can chat with a support agent if you need additional support.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Education Inclusivity & Innovation Specialist05/25/2023ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
Program Coordinator – Regional & K-12 - Limited Duration05/25/2023Temporary Admin/Non-RepMARION CENTERApply
Transition Specialist - Detention05/25/2023ClassifiedMAR CTY JUV DETApply
Application Developer05/12/2023ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
Data Analyst – Special Education05/10/2023ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
Behavior Intervention Instructional Assistant - Temporary04/17/2023Temporary ClassifiedYAMHILL CENTERApply
Behavior Specialist04/12/2023LicensedOTHERApply
Behavior Intervention Instructional Assistant04/12/2023ClassifiedYAMHILL CENTERApply
Behavior Intervention Coach04/12/2023ClassifiedYAMHILL CENTERApply
Instructional Assistant – Speech-Language (Certified)04/06/2023ClassifiedEIECSEApply
Behavior Intervention Teacher04/06/2023LicensedYAMHILL CENTERApply
Senior Clerical Specialist03/17/2023ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
Speech/Language Specialist03/09/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
Intern- School Psychologist03/06/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
Teacher- Special Education03/06/2023LicensedMACLARENApply
Occupational Therapist03/03/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
Behavioral Safety Assessment (BSA) Professional Learning Specialist01/20/2023ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
School Nurse01/19/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
School Psychologist01/13/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
EI.ECSE Specialist01/12/2023LicensedMARION CENTERApply
Speech/Language Specialist (EI.ECSE)01/11/2023LicensedEIECSEApply
School Psychologist (EI.ECSE)01/10/2023LicensedEIECSEApply
Occupational Therapist (EI.ECSE)01/10/2023LicensedEIECSEApply
Speech/Language Specialist12/20/2022LicensedMARION CENTERApply
Instructional Assistant09/21/2022ClassifiedECCApply
REN Participant - Temporary01/06/2022Temporary ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply
REN Design Team Member - Temporary01/06/2022Temporary ClassifiedMARION CENTERApply